Alpha Security Logistics can provide professional witnesses, to attend and record potential crimes, to ascertain at a later date exactly what actually happened at face-to-face meetings, rather than relying on word-of-mouth testimonies in court. This can be used to tackle problem areas such as anti-social behaviour hotspots, where many people are afraid to confront or testify against the people responsible, or potentially volatile situations such as sensitive meetings or confrontations where facts may be disputed afterwards.

Professional Witness Surveillance is a specialised field. Our surveillance investigators obtain evidence in highly difficult situations and our professional witnesses are able to give their evidence in court where others have not wished to.

Professional witnesses require flexible and innovative techniques that are at the heart of the way we operate. The role of the Professional Witness is to try to obtain photographic and/or video evidence to be passed to the agency or Court process as required.

We blend into the modern urban or rural environment, and understand both street situations and rural environments and what to look for, and we have the ability to communicate at all levels and remain open minded for all situations.

We provide trained professional witnesses with the most up to date surveillance technology to get the evidence you need to take further action.

This includes but is not limited to eye witness testimony, covert CCTV evidence from our investigators;

  • Seeing the case through from start to finish
  • Case File Preparation
  • Giving evidence in Court

Such investigations can be concluded rapidly and are affordable compared to your on-going operational  costs and importantly the evidence will go to court.

For example we acted as Professional Witness for a row of terraced houses that were being squatted in. The whole legal process was video recorded as the papers were served.

Professional WitnessProfessional Witness