Special Security Advisor - Major James Dowling

Alpha Security Logistics are pleased to bring on board the services of Major James Dowling as our special advisor for corporate and strategic security practices, incorporation risk assessments and client liaison.

Working within Alpha Security Logistics Major James Dowling advised the security implementation team for the securing of the Sims metals site at Stephen Doring Port Authority.

Under the guidance of Major James Dowling, the team has worked very efficiently at stopping all forms of theft from their site. The security teams often liaise with incoming shipping in connection with Sims Metals

Alpha dog teams are moving from strength to strength by securing another Speedy Power site in Erith, South London. This site is a huge hub of vehicle and storage activities. On taking on the secure contract at this site Alpha Security Logistics dog teams stopped two attempted break-ins in the first week. Speedy Directors/Management is convinced that with the implementation of security teams on their site, the morale and well-being and security of the workforce, particularly in the quiet hours are very much improved.

Alpha takes the port.